Infographic Business Marketing


Infographic Business Marketing

Organizations in both the public and private sectors [online and offline] concede that the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with their target audiences is critical to their success. Info-graphics, although a spin-off of the customary advertisement or poster, should form an integral part of a company’s marketing mix.

Infographics :A step up

Similar to an advertisement or poster, an effective infographic should include an attention-grabbing headline, compelling images, highlight benefits to the customer, exhibit point of differentiation that creates interest and influences buyer intent, and the indispensable call to action.

Is it logical?

The overall design layout of an info-graphic must have enough ‘white space’ to make the piece legible and persuasive, accentuated by bold colors that contrast with the background for added emphasis. Text must be to the point and universally understood to allow the viewer the benefit of a logical interpretation.

Dual online-offline

While online businesses should update their Web content weekly by way of new blog posts and interesting info-graphics [pull quotes and images to share on social media], dual online-offline businesses are encouraged to repurpose their content material by turning it into speeches, presentations, pamphlets, videos, advertisements, posters, signage, or direct mail. Businesses can also use info-graphics in annual reports, research content, print publications and promotional material to keep customers and prospects interested because it’s providing them with information that can be absorbed at a glance.

Increase Awareness

Promotional messages within custom-designed Info-graphics increase awareness of products and services, causes, societal problems, common solutions, and new projects. The rising significance of Info-graphics, as a tactic to enhance content marketing along with a firm’s usual promotional mix elements and marketing activities, can greatly enhance the impact on their marketing communications efforts.

Consumer’s want-it-all

Consumers worldwide have become increasingly more discerning in their expectations of brands and merchants in general, demanding exceptional interaction in return for their patronage. Many people no longer respond to traditional forms of advertising alone, and instead seek confirmation from their friendship circles across their social media platforms [including Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus, Pinterest].

Sharing Widget

Businesses marketing their services or merchandise via social networks need to make certain that the post has a social sharing widget installed allowing viewers to share it across their social profiles with a click of their mouse.

Infographics -Building Trust

A main reason why infographics are pivotal in augmenting business marketing is to build trust with customers and prospects through a quick burst of information that provides clear and concise guidance backed up with solid data, and a brief justification of why a product, service, cause, societal challenge or device aims to meet their expectations.

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