An infographic about the state of infographics


infographic elements

As one might expect,  there are many infographics that provide insight and information about the way infographics are used and their use online. Have a look at this contribution for some interesting facts and figures

What is clear is that the use of infographics dramatically  increases the reach of social media. As this medium becomes more sophisticated so the interest and uses of info-graphics expands.

The uses of infographics

The state of info-graphics depends on the uses to which they can be put. This is expanding all the time. While infographics are used effectively yo market products and brands, they scan also be used   to create eye-catching and informative resumes or CVs. This medium is also perfect to provide an overview do important research and to create a quick summation of as project. One of the more recent uses of the infographic medium is story telling and providing a history of a company or institution.

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